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Timeline Travel project is on Açık Radio’s “Açık Mimarlık“!

For Timeline Travel Tool: timelinetravel.net

My project Timeline Travel: An Alternative Tool for Architectural History Learning and Teaching has been awarded Erasmus+ KA203 grant!

For the project web page, click here.

The Women Who Built the Ottoman World:

Female Patronage and the Architectural Legacy of Gülnuş Sultan is now available!

You may see the contents of the book and read its introduction on my academia.edu page.



A Missing Royal Mosque in Istanbul that Islamized a Catholic Space: The Galata New Mosque has been published in Muqarnas (Vol. 34, 2017).


The 6th edition of Mimar Sinan Macerası is now out!

My new books “Bizans Kaçkınları” and “Acaba Ne Olurdu?” are coming soon!

I have a signing session at TÜYAP Istanbul Book Fair on November 8th, 2019.